Big recall started: Thousands of eggs contaminated with insecticides

Big recall started: Thousands of eggs contaminated with insecticides

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Eggs contaminated with biocide will be recalled
In North Rhine-Westphalia, eggs are recalled from the Netherlands; they are said to be contaminated with an insecticide. According to media reports, almost 900,000 pieces were sold in Germany. According to experts, there is no health risk associated with normal consumption.

Not approved biocide used
Eggs from Dutch production contaminated with biocide are recalled in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). According to a report by the West German Broadcasting Corporation (WDR), the unauthorized substance fipronil was used in laying hen stocks according to the knowledge of the monitoring authorities. It is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is used against fleas, lice, ticks, cockroaches and mites, among others. A health risk is unlikely.

Almost 900,000 contaminated eggs were sold
Around 875,000 of the approximately 2.9 million eggs that were delivered to North Rhine-Westphalia from the stocks concerned came onto the market.

As the WDR reports, the affected eggs have the stamp 1-NL 4128604 or 1-NL 4286001. The laying dates are therefore from July 9th to 21st, 2017.

It is not yet clear which markets used to sell the eggs.

Only small amounts of the insecticide detected
According to the WDR, only a small amount (maximum 0.11 mg / kg) of the biocide was detected in the eggs delivered to NRW.

With normal consumption there is therefore no health risk.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), “a fipronil concentration of 0.72 mg / kg (sum of fipronil and the sulfone metabolite MB46136, calculated as fipronil) in chicken eggs can be regarded as the maximum concentration at which none of the consumer groups examined had an acute health problem There is risk ".

BfR had recently been asked to assess consumer health risk after increased levels of fipronil in eggs and egg products were found in Belgium. (ad)

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