Cottage cheese and meat: the 10 best foods for increased muscle building

Cottage cheese and meat: the 10 best foods for increased muscle building

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The ten best muscle building foods
Only those who exercise do build muscle and fat. But that alone is not enough. If you don't just want to be a “fat fat man”, but also want to shape your figure, you should urgently adjust your diet. It is not enough to simply eat a healthy diet. A precise mix of the right foods is important.

Many foods can help accelerate muscle growth. Natural protein is of great importance. Instead of drinking artificial shakes, you can easily add them with your food. Minerals and vitamins are also important building blocks. The fitness trainer and nutrition expert Frank Scheidter answered “Heilpraxisnet” in an interview:

1. Fish
Fish, especially tuna or salmon, are high in protein. Fish also contain valuable antioxidants. These prevent bad diseases like cancer. The protein content is over 21 grams per 100 grams of tuna. "The biological value at a whopping 92," said the expert. This means that the protein is directly converted into muscles. It's best to grill tuna steaks. In addition lemon, rosemary, sea salt and pepper.

2. Turkey
Very little fat contains turkey meat. The turkey is a very good source of animal protein. 100 grams of turkey breast contain 24 grams of the best protein. Turkey breast can be bought in the supermarket at the counter or packaged. "I recommend fresh meat that is gently fried with a little oil and a few delicious herbs," says Scheidter.

3. Chicken egg
Eggs are often misunderstood and avoided due to the supposed cholesterol content. “100 grams of eggs contain about 13 grams of pure protein. Doctors recommend not eating more than 1 to 2 eggs a day. ” Then nothing goes wrong with the cholesterol level, according to the expert.

4. Cottage cheese
"Cottage cheese is a hit!" Says the fitness expert. It has very few calories, but at least 11 grams of protein per 100 grams of cottage cheese. “With a dash of olive oil, some herbs, salt and pepper a real treat.”

5. Lean curd
Lean curd is no longer an insider tip. "It fills you up, has hardly any calories, but a lot of proteins, amino acids, which correspond well with each other." The low-fat curd tastes very good with steamed vegetables or potatoes with chives and spices. In the morning also with fruits like bananas, strawberries, apples or raspberries with a little honey.

6. Ginger
"What many do not know: Ginger should be on the menu regularly," reports the fitness expert. "It can be used as a hot tea or used as a spice in Asian dishes." Ginger strengthens the blood circulation in the muscles, supports lactate breakdown and makes you fit for the next training session. Also highly recommended as a home remedy for colds.

7. Soy
Soybeans are the best source of protein for vegan strength athletes. Soy can be eaten as tofu, for example. A whopping 37.6 percent of vegetable protein is contained in soy. Specialist shops also have soy steaks that can be prepared like meat. The potassium content is also enormous with 1800mg to 100 grams.

8. Pistachio nuts
"Pistachio nuts should be eaten regularly," recommends the sports expert. The potassium content is 1020 mg per 100 grams. "No nut can offer so much." Pistachios are also lower in calories than nuts. This gives the muscles a lot of power to keep going. The protein content is remarkable at 20 grams.

9. Watercress
Watercress is the number 1 power spice. “It protects against cell damage, contains a lot of iron and can thus increase the training effect. A perfect addition, especially with cottage cheese and lean quark. ”

10. Harz cheese
“Gouda or butter cheese contain a lot of fat and are therefore not recommended in large quantities in a calorie-conscious diet in combination with exercise. Harzer cheese is completely different. ” You can hardly beat less than 1 percent. Some claim that eating even promotes weight loss. Over 30 grams of protein on 100 grams of Harzer roller.

Don't overdo sports and diet
“However, you shouldn't just eat these foods. Fruit and vegetables are essential! The right combination is important. ” And how much sport should you do? Every two to three days. In between, the body also needs relaxation, sleep and rest. During this time the muscles grow. Those who do not keep their rest periods risk a so-called overtraining effect. The body then shows flu-like symptoms such as body aches, severe fatigue and weariness. (sb)

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