Health: mold in the bread basket: beware of excessive heat

Health: mold in the bread basket: beware of excessive heat

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Mold in the bread basket
In the summer months, bread and rolls spoil particularly quickly - especially if they contain wheat flour. "In general, bread and rolls feel most comfortable at room temperature," explains nutritionist Harald Seitz from the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE). If you want the crust to stay crispy, it's best to keep it in nets, paper, or in the bakery bag. Earthenware and ceramic pots that are easy to close are suitable for unpackaged bread.

Packaged bread is best kept in its original packaging
So normally bread doesn't belong in the fridge. Because at three to five degrees Celsius, bread sticks faster. This applies especially to rye-containing varieties. "However, if it is extremely humid and warm, short-term storage in the refrigerator can make sense," says Seitz. Then the better mold protection outweighs the disadvantages of getting stuck.
Cleanliness also prevents mold growth.

Bread crumbs and bread remains must be removed regularly. The bread container should be cleaned once a week with hot vinegar water and then dried well. If the bread still molds, it must be disposed of completely. Because the invisible mushroom mesh can already run through the whole food, even if only individual parts can be seen.

In summer, bread is best bought more often and only in small quantities. Whole grain and sourdough breads hold up better than white and yeast breads. Sliced ​​bread can be frozen in portions. "Take the bread out of the freezer for a few hours and thaw it at room temperature," recommends Seitz. Frosted bread slices can also simply be put in the toaster. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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