Make your own health measurable with a blood test

Make your own health measurable with a blood test

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Research into biomarkers: measuring blood health
There are many measurements in medicine that can indicate diseases. However, more and more emphasis is placed on taking preventive action, which is why there should also be parameters for factors that indicate health. These would be especially important for preventive examinations or lifestyle change programs. In an international project, biomarkers are now to be researched that make the status "healthy" measurable.

Detect or predict diseases through blood tests
With the help of blood tests, numerous diseases can be identified or even predicted. Experts from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) recently reported that it might be possible in the future to detect cancer more quickly using a blood test. And scientists from the UK found that a simple blood test can predict the risk of a heart attack. Measured values ​​for factors that can indicate health have so far been missing. That should change now.

Medicine wants to be more preventive
In the future, medicine would like to work more and more preventively. Therefore, measurement methods that indicate a change from "healthy" to "sick" are becoming increasingly important for scientists.

These research approaches are also a focus in the Cluster of Excellence “Inflammation Research”. Biomarkers that make the status "healthy" measurable are now to be researched in a project headed by the Kiel physician Professor Matthias Laudes.

Assess the success of therapy using biomarkers
There are many so-called biomarkers in medicine today. These are certain measured values ​​in the blood that can indicate a disease. These biomarkers are very important for the treating physicians in order to evaluate the success of a therapy.

An example of this is the HbA1c value, which shows how well a diabetic is adjusted. Unfortunately, such biomarkers have so far only been available for diseases, but not for health.

However, preventive medical professionals would like to have such measuring instruments, especially for preventive examinations or lifestyle change programs. An international research alliance is now investigating this question (BioNUGUT).

Indicators of a healthy lifestyle
The project is coordinated by Professor Matthias Laudes, board member of the cluster of excellence “Inflammation Research”, medical faculty at Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel and head of clinical nutritional and metabolic medicine at the Clinic for Internal Medicine 1 at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein.

"Over the past ten years we have learned that health is a state in which all of our body cells are in harmony with all the bacteria that live in and on us," said Laudes in a statement.

If this symbiosis is disturbed, diseases such as diabetes and intestinal inflammation could develop.

That is why the researchers are now looking for factors that indicate the healthy coexistence of humans with all of our intestinal bacteria so that they can later be used as indicators of a healthy lifestyle in prevention programs.

In addition to European working groups, a scientist from Canada is also involved in the study. In this way, the participants want to investigate whether the new biomarkers for health are subject to specific geographical features.

The scientists are hoping for the first results in about three years. (ad)

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