High risks: An unborn child enters a hole in the uterus

High risks: An unborn child enters a hole in the uterus

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Child's leg pierces uterine wall

The story of a woman from southern China sounds incredible: In the 35th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother wakes up with abdominal pain. When the complaints become more severe, sweating and pulse racing, she comes to the clinic. Then in the hospital the shock - it can be seen on the ultrasound picture that one leg of her unborn child had penetrated the uterine wall and was now stuck in the woman's abdominal cavity. This meant an acute danger to life for both mother and child, but the doctors were able to save the lives of both by an emergency Caesarean section.

Woman comes to the emergency room with severe pain

A nightmare for every mother-to-be: A woman from southern China, pregnant in the 35th week, woke up in the morning with a stomachache, but at first she didn't think much about it, but assumed that the stomach was upset. The complaints became more severe, however, and the woman, known only as "Ms Zhang", broke out in a violent cold sweat and her pulse started racing. At 10 am, she was finally taken to the emergency room of the Shenzhen University Hospital in Beijing, the Sun said, citing the hospital.

Child's legs are stuck

There the woman experienced a shock: the complaints had not arisen from an upset stomach, but from her unborn child, who had kicked a hole in the wall of the uterus with his foot.

When she arrived at the clinic, the woman complained of extreme pain and the doctors found problems with her blood pressure, pulse and breathing. The specialists initially suspected that the heavily pregnant patient's uterus might have torn and carried out an ultrasound examination. It was found that the fetus' leg "kicked" the wall of the uterus into the mother's abdominal cavity and pinned the child's thighs, the newspaper reported.

Doctors perform emergency Caesarean section

The doctors decided to perform an emergency Caesarean section immediately, although the actual date of birth would have been less than a month later. However, they were unable to take any risks because they feared that the woman would experience dangerous internal bleeding and shock. The unborn baby was at risk of a life-threatening infection due to the broken wall of the uterus.

Surgeons Zhang Lei, Zhang Yanping and Zhong Shilin gave birth to the baby in just ten minutes, fearing that the baby could still be born. They discovered blood in the mother's belly and a 7 cm “break” in her uterine wall. Fortunately, the doctors intervened in good time, according to the doctors' report, mother and daughter are doing well today after the traumatic arrival of the little ones in the world.

Vulnerability due to old scar

Rupture of the uterus during pregnancy is a very rare complication, but it can be life-threatening. The woman's medical history revealed that she underwent surgery to remove benign uterine growths (fibroids) in 2016. As a result, she had an old scar in her uterine wall that had left a weak spot. Women should therefore wait at least one year after getting such an intervention before becoming pregnant. (No)

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