Thanks to surgery and a healthy lifestyle: the young patient lost over 200 kilos

Thanks to surgery and a healthy lifestyle: the young patient lost over 200 kilos

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Two thirds of body weight - women lose over 200 pounds

A young woman from the USA has managed to lose more than 200 kilos within two years. The 34-year-old managed to do this with gastric bypass surgery and a change in her lifestyle.

Even a small reduction in weight brings something

More and more people worldwide are overweight and obese. This can be dangerous: in addition to the psychosocial effects of obesity, its secondary diseases in particular lead to a severe restriction in quality and duration of life. According to health experts, even minimal weight loss would have significant positive effects. But a young American didn't just want to reduce her body weight a bit: she lost over 200 kg in two years.

Being overweight is a health hazard

Being overweight makes you sick. Obesity is a risk factor for numerous lifestyle diseases.

Diseases of the vessels and the cardiovascular system such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease or arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) are particularly worth mentioning here.

In addition, obesity increases the risk of joint wear (arthrosis), diabetes, and cancer.

Last but not least, being overweight also has psychosocial effects. At Nikki Webster too. The woman from Little Rock, Arkansas (USA), was dissatisfied with her body when she was young because of her overweight.

In the show "My life with 300 kg" on the "TLC" station, she explained: "I feel trapped. My body shouldn't look like this. I hate him."

At that time, she had a body weight of around 300 kilos. In the meantime, it weighs just over 90 kg.

Lose 200 kilos

The 34-year-old managed to lose over 200 kilos within two years. She did this with gastric bypass surgery, which is often used as a last resort for obesity, and thanks to a radical lifestyle change.

She was very afraid of the procedure: “At the beginning of this year my best friend Michael had gastric bypass surgery and he died. That haunts me, ”said Nikki Webster, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

In many cases, this intervention is associated with a high risk. The formerly fattest woman in the world also died of blood poisoning a few weeks ago, having lost well over half of her body weight (formerly around 500 kg) in the months before thanks to an intensive diet and an operation.

"The toughest two years of my life"

Nikki Webster is doing very well with her new body weight. “It's hard to imagine how I used to live. It just got so different, ”she said in an interview with People Magazine in May.

"It was hard. It was the hardest two years of my life, but it was the most victorious and exciting. ”

Before the surgery could take place, she had to reduce her weight using a strict diet plan. After the intervention in a clinic, she not only changed her diet, but also started physical activities.

"I go for walks a lot, that's my favorite thing," the 34-year-old told the magazine.

"I'll walk at least 2 to 3 miles a day, or at least I'll try. I'll also try weight training and things like that. I go to the gym every now and then and do things like that, ”explained the American.

Deal with problems in a healthier way

She received psychological support from a therapist. “I had to learn new coping mechanisms. I had to deal with things that I just couldn't handle, ”Webster said.

Her reaction used to be when she had difficulty eating. "Now I've just learned to deal with them in a healthier way."

The "most difficult part of everything" is still to find the balance and be consistent. (ad)

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