German Cancer Research Center publishes simple brochure on the topic of lung cancer

German Cancer Research Center publishes simple brochure on the topic of lung cancer

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Advisor explains in simple language about the effects of lung cancer

Lung cancer is the cause of thousands of deaths worldwide. In Germany alone, around 52,500 people die from cancer of the lungs and bronchi every year. A new brochure from the Cancer Information Service (KID) is now to explain in simple language the consequences and dangers of lung cancer.

The doctors of the cancer information service of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) have now published an easy-to-understand brochure that deals with the topic of lung cancer. The short guide called: lung cancer - what now? is of course also available online.

Brochure is especially for people with little knowledge of German and reading difficulties

The many illustrations and texts contained in the brochure have been written in easy language. They are aimed primarily at people with learning disabilities and reading difficulties or who have little knowledge of German. The brochure of the Cancer Information Service was written by the German Cancer Research Center together with the Heidelberg University of Education.

What does the new brochure provide?

The brochure, which is intended to provide all citizens with access to understandable health information, offers a simple overview of the development, examination and treatment of this disease, also known as bronchial carcinoma. In addition to general information about cancer, the guide is aimed primarily at patients who already have lung cancer and would like to find out more about possible treatment, follow-up care and life with lung cancer.

Advisor does not replace discussions with experts

Of course, information from the Internet cannot replace professional advice from doctors and other specialists. However, the information helps those affected to better inform themselves about their illness. This is how they are better prepared when they need to have a conversation with specialists or doctors, the experts at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) explain. (as)

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