Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction

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Alcohol addiction is the result of regular alcohol consumption, whereby it can be recognized by signs such as strong or compulsive craving for alcohol, uncontrolled consumption behavior and physical withdrawal symptoms when there is no consumption - including life-threatening seizures. In the course of the addiction, there is a risk of serious, irreversible health impairments (e.g. cirrhosis of the liver) and the life expectancy of those affected is significantly reduced.

Those who drink alcohol early in puberty are more likely to have mental problems. These include, for example, behavioral problems such as aggression, but a ...

When young people come into contact with alcoholic beverages for the first time, this often has severe consequences. Because they cannot yet assess the effect, exer ...

Like a new person: a man doesn't drink alcohol for 365 days A high alcohol consumption is bad for your health and makes you fat. Even if that is what most m ...

Trend reversal: Young men in Germany drink less intoxication Alcohol apparently loses its appeal for many adolescents. According to a new study ...

“Every glass damages”: Alcohol taboo often unknown to mothers Every year thousands of babies develop courageously due to the alcohol consumption of pregnant women ...

Young people who easily get alcohol through their parents have an increased risk of “binge drinking”. Many young people start drinking alcohol early ...

Alcohol addiction often goes unnoticed in the elderly17.07.2014Alcohol addiction affects all social classes and almost all age groups ...

Alcohol consumption: dependence in Hesse still high 07/07/2014 Around 96,000 people in Hesse are estimated by the Hessian state office for ...

Alcohol addiction: new tablet should help addicts30.06.2014After the EU, the Federal Joint Committee has now also paved the way for a new drug for ...

Alcohol addiction among the elderly is increasing24.02.2014 In recent years the number of alcoholics in Germany has increased dramatically. Kn ...

Alcohol prevention: schoolchildren creative against binge drinking16.02.2014Around 52,000 young artists have been creative all over Germany since 2010 ...

In Bavaria, the number of young coma drinkers has decreased for the first time since 2066

"Papa you are an alcoholic!": It is better to address addictive behavior of family members only after Christmas 25.12.2012, especially for Christmas k & oum ...

Marrying as a strategy against alcohol? 19.08.2012Married men show lower alcohol consumption than unmarried, women drink in marriage ...

Authority warns of underestimated danger: Millions of Germans with alcohol problems12.07.2012Information from the Federal Center for Health Education ...

Psychology: According to a study, anyone who drinks alcohol or even believes in alcohol feels more attractive31.03.2012Alcohol consumption tarnishes the senses, the ill ...

The addiction was deciphered by a study13.01.2012After drinking alcohol, the brain releases the happiness hormone endorphin. What to ...

Drug officers: More and more women are affected by alcohol addiction. The Federal Government is very concerned about the development ...

Alcohol addiction is often treated too late! (15.06.2010) Alcohol is a socially recognized intoxicant. Drinking beer for football, a drink ...

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