Health: Expressing pimples ended up with large growth on the face

Health: Expressing pimples ended up with large growth on the face

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Man from the USA uses knives to treat pimples

Treating a pimple on your own can have bad consequences. A young man from Chicago (USA) experienced this. The 23-year-old tried to remove a pus from the lower lip with a blade and contracted a bad infection as a result. In the end, a terrible pimple bulge had developed. The case has now been published in the journal "Emergency of Medicine".

Experts advise against self-treatment

Many skin experts strongly advise against tinkering with pimples yourself. Because there is a risk that pathogens get into the wound and ignite. A 23-year-old from Chicago has now seen what this can assume. The man had tried, according to a Daily Mail report, to remove the pus pustule with a carving knife. A bad idea, because it quickly developed a nasty inflammation with numerous new pimples.

Fungus infection due to dirty blade

The man had exactly what was warned about again and again. The blade of the knife was apparently dirty and had led to a nasty fungal infection of the skin (blastomycosis). But that's not all, because the 23-year-old initially waited despite the new infection and only started treatment after seven months. Over the long time, the inflammation had spread and the skin around the lower lip had turned into a terrible blister.

Unusual case for the medical professionals

The startled dermatologists at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital in Cook County (Chicago) first checked other sources of infection, such as traveling abroad or contacting infected people, before they could be sure that the carving knife was actually the cause of the serious skin disease had to.

An unusual case, because blastomycosis due to the entry of contaminated foreign bodies (traumatic inoculation) has so far only been documented 50 times in the literature, reports the "Daily Mail". The doctors would therefore assume that this was the first known case of carving knife infection.

Growths healed after two weeks

"We usually see such blastomycoses often in laboratory workers or coroners, less often, for example, in dog owners after a bite or scratch," said the dermatologist, the newspaper said. The man was lucky because after two weeks of treatment the inflammation had healed and the horror lip had disappeared.

Get rid of pimples with proven home remedies

If you don't want to take any risks, you should definitely avoid pushing or scratching the pus. Instead, various home remedies for pimples can be used to get rid of the blemishes.

For example, an envelope with healing clay, which is placed directly on the affected area, often helps. Alternatively, a tea bag with chamomile flowers can be placed or dabbed on the pimple. Other natural remedies for pimples include the juice of aloe and apple cider vinegar. (No)

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