Hypertension therapies: Drinking kefir frequently can lower blood pressure

Hypertension therapies: Drinking kefir frequently can lower blood pressure

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New study: drinking kefir can lower blood pressure

Hypertension patients are often prescribed medication quickly, but in many cases high blood pressure can be reduced without medication. In addition to regular exercise, a healthy, varied diet with little fat, sugar and salt should be mentioned here. Certain foods have a particularly positive impact. Researchers from the United States and Brazil have now found that kefir can lower blood pressure.

Lower blood pressure naturally

Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). Since, in addition to being overweight or obese, too little exercise, an unhealthy, overly salty diet, tobacco and increased alcohol consumption and stress are considered risk factors, those affected are generally advised to minimize these risks in order to lower their blood pressure. Certain foods have a particularly positive impact on blood pressure. We recommend garlic, beetroot juices and hawthorn. According to scientific research, hot chilies and natural yoghurt can also help to relieve high blood pressure. And a new study has now shown that kefir can also lower blood pressure.

Communication between the gut and brain is stimulated

Researchers from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in the US state of Alabama, together with Brazilian colleagues, have found that the fermented milk drink kefir can stimulate communication between the intestine and the brain and thus have a positive effect on blood pressure.

Mirian Silva-Cutini, a graduate student from the University of Vila Velha (Brazil) and first author of the study, presented the team's results at the American Physiological Society (APS) annual meeting "Experimental Biology 2018" in San Diego (California) .

Furthermore, the study results were published in the specialist magazine "The FASEB Journal".

Maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system

According to a Auburn University statement, kefir is known to maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

Previous research has shown that an imbalance in the intestinal bacterial colony (microbiota or intestinal flora) can lead to high blood pressure in some people.

It was also found that probiotics - living bacterial supplements that are beneficial for the digestive system - lower blood pressure.

However, the exact mechanisms for this have not yet been known.

Treatment with kefir

The research team has now examined three groups of rats to find out how kefir reduces hypertension.

The animals in one group had hypertension and were treated with kefir. One group had high blood pressure and was not treated and the third had normal blood pressure and was not treated.

After nine weeks of kefir supplementation, the treated rats had lower amounts of endotoxins (bacterial toxins), lower blood pressure and improved permeability of the intestinal wall compared to the untreated group.

A healthy intestine allows certain substances to pass through, but generally acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria and other potentially dangerous substances.

Cooperation between nervous and digestive systems

In addition, kefir treatment promoted the natural balance of various bacteria in the intestine and an enzyme in the brain, which is essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

According to the researchers, this suggests that the nervous and digestive systems work together to reduce high blood pressure. (ad)

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