Mineral water: Many types of water performed well in the test - but there were negative exceptions

Mineral water: Many types of water performed well in the test - but there were negative exceptions

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Stiftung Warentest: Good mineral water doesn't have to be expensive

The Stiftung Warentest has tested 30 carbonated mineral waters. Many of them are good, even cheap products. Some are even suitable for the preparation of baby food, but the testers have found germs that are harmful to health in a water. And one tasted strange and slightly like acetaldehyde from the bottle material.

Recommended mineral water

To stay cool in the current heat, it helps to drink a lot. Mineral water is one of the favorite drinks of the Germans. Most carbonated products are bought. "That is why the Stiftung Warentest has currently tested 30 classic waters that have been sold a lot - from discounters, supermarkets and traditional fountains", says the Foundation's website. “Some contain a lot of calcium and magnesium or are suitable for the preparation of baby food. Every second water in the test is good, including many cheap products. ”

Over half of the products tested performed well

For the study published in the magazine "test" (issue 7/2018), a large number of products were selected - eleven classic brands from traditional well companies such as Gerolsteiner and Apollinaris and 19 brands from discounters and supermarkets such as Lidl Saskia and Rewe Ja.

17 waters perform well, eleven are satisfactory and two are only sufficient.

According to the information, the testers detected a slightly increased number of germs in one of the two sufficient waters, which could be of concern for people with an immune deficiency.

The other sufficient water "tasted strange and slightly like acetaldehyde from the bottle material," the experts said in a press release.

Critical substances from nature

Slightly higher levels of critical substances from nature were found in five waters: arsenic, nickel or uranium.

However, the measured contents are significantly below the legal limit values ​​or official recommendations.

According to the goods test, the substances may have loosened from rock layers when the water seeped into the underground source.

Individual waters contained traces of degradation products from pesticides and one of sweeteners. No drug residues were found.

Although the traces from the environment are completely uncritical in terms of health, they call into question the original purity promised. Not every mineral water is rich in minerals. However, according to the EU regulation, it does not have to be.

“14 of the Classic waters in the test even contain fewer minerals than tap water in many places. Only four Classic waters offer a lot of minerals, they cost between 20 and 66 cents per liter, ”write the experts.

Medium waters were tested last year

Overall, the classic waters performed slightly better than the medium waters tested by the Stiftung Warentest 2017. Among other things, sensory errors were found more frequently in the medium waters.

There was also criticism at the time that in some cases the water taste was impaired by plastic.

Plastic bottles have had a bad health reputation for years.

Of the 30 products tested last year, 22 are still on the market today, as a recent survey of the providers showed.

As a rule, medium waters contain less carbon dioxide than classic waters. With a market share of 44 percent, they have overtaken the classic waters that previously dominated and now have a market share of 36 percent.

Well-known traditional brands and cheaper private labels

Well-known traditional brands such as Adelholzener, Apollinaris and Gerolsteiner as well as many cheaper private labels from discounters and supermarkets can be found among the currently tested products.

The information on prices and source locations as well as goods customers can be accessed free of charge on the website of the Warentest Foundation. However, you have to pay for the ratings.

According to the experts, this is worthwhile because it gives you access to all ratings and allows you to search for water with a high total mineral content using numerous filter options "or mineral water that is suitable for the preparation of baby food." (Ad)

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