Researchers: Consume more fiber against breast cancer

Researchers: Consume more fiber against breast cancer

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Women should have a high fiber diet at an early age, because that obviously reduces their risk of breast cancer. This is indicated by the evaluation of data from the US Nurses' Health Study II (NHS II).

The US scientists evaluated data from almost 44,300 participants. Information from a well-validated questionnaire on the intake of fiber as adolescents and young adults was available for the study. The participants were asked about their eating habits during their high school. Dietary information has been updated every four years. Diagnoses of invasive breast cancer were queried every two years and confirmed by pathology findings.

Breast cancer risk reduced
It was shown that women had a 13% reduced risk of breast cancer per intake of 10 g of fiber per day as young adults. The scientists suspect an improved insulin sensitivity and the reduced amount of IGF (insulin-like growth factor) as the background for the prevention performance of the fiber. The fiber could also lower the plasma level of estrogen. You can find the study here. (pm)

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