Verdict: Once ADHD does not mean ADHD for life

Verdict: Once ADHD does not mean ADHD for life

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Berlin (jur). Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which usually occurs in childhood and adolescence, should not be a permanent stamp. Even employment as a police officer is possible if the symptoms of the disease no longer exist in adulthood, as the Berlin Administrative Court ruled in a judgment announced on Monday, June 20, 2016 (file number: 26 K 29.15).

This gave Berlin's 23-year-old access to police services. In 2014 he applied for the higher service of the Berlin police force. The state of Berlin declined this, referring to its ADHD disease. He was no more able to cope with the demands placed on concentration and responsiveness than complex work processes and the pressure of three-shift operation.

The young man complained about his rejection: he had only been treated with medication until the age of 19. In the meantime, the symptoms no longer appeared.

The Berlin Administrative Court obtained an opinion and then confirmed the police applicant to be right. According to the expert, the young man was not disabled. Although he had developed ADHD in childhood and adolescence, there were no symptoms in this regard. In brain psychological tests, he achieved normal or even above-average results in all areas. There were no signs of typical ADHD deficits.

A new outbreak of the disease can never be ruled out with absolute certainty, but here “unlikely. Therefore, a long-term incapacity for work or early retirement are not to be expected.

Against this judgment of June 6, 2016, the Administrative Court approved an appeal to the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Berlin-Brandenburg due to its fundamental importance. two

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