Dramatic: toddler dies from dentist treatment

Dramatic: toddler dies from dentist treatment

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A little girl paid a visit to a dentist in America with the death
Complications from dental treatment now led to a 14-month-old girl who died in the United States. Anesthesia for the treatment of tooth decay in a dental office had created serious problems that ultimately triggered the girl's death.

Certainly there are complications from dental treatment from time to time, but the visit to the dentist rarely ends in death. A little girl in Texas now died because of problems with anesthesia. 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres was only supposed to receive routine caries treatment.

Dangerous incident during dental crown treatment
A serious incident occurred after about half of the crown treatment was completed without any problems. The mother was informed that a complication had occurred and an ambulance had been requested to take her daughter to the hospital, reports the magazine "PEOPLE".

The little girl died a few hours after visiting the dentist
A few hours later, Daisy Lynn was pronounced dead. Of course, the child's family was shocked and confused. The dental office staff had previously assured the mother that anesthesia was normal and safe in young patients. The cause of death of the little girl was initially classified as "undetermined".

Dental office workers are shocked and mourn for the little girl
The affected dental office released a statement that all employees were shocked and saddened by the tragedy. We hope that the medical examination of the family incident will help process the incident better, the statement said. We understand that death has so far been classified as "indefinite" because of complications with anesthesia and not with dental treatment itself. Anesthesia is known to be associated with certain risks. However, the loss of a child is particularly tragic, explain the responsible parties in the statement.

Anesthetist spoke of routine treatment
I spoke to the responsible anesthetist about possible risks before he administered the product. The specialist told me that the procedure would be quick and that I would see my child again in a short time, said mother Betty Squier of the magazine "PEOPLE". The mother's last words to her child were that she would be back for her child soon. Tragically, the child died just a few hours later.

Take good care of your child's oral hygiene and find out about the type of tooth
Since then, the mother has been calling on other parents to pay particular attention to their children's dental hygiene. This could prevent cavities and caries. In addition, parents should inform themselves about treating dentists and anesthesiologists. Inquire exactly about your dentist and calmly obtain several different opinions, the mother explained in "PEOPLE".

Treating young children is usually difficult
Anesthesia should be avoided if possible, unless it is the safest way and is absolutely necessary. The main reason why young children receive such anesthesia is that young children move around a lot in the dentist's chair. If the dentist then holds a pointed object in his hand, a moving child can bump into that hand and cause serious injuries, explains Dr. Robert Delarosa the president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry opposite "PEOPLE". (as)

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