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EU drug agency endorses Truvada for HIV prophylaxis

EU drug agency endorses Truvada for HIV prophylaxis

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Truvada: European agency recommends drug for HIV prevention
The World AIDS Conference has ended in Durban, South Africa. The hot topic there was the drug Truvada, which can protect against HIV infection. The European Medicines Agency EMA has now issued a recommendation for the drug.

Protect during sex with condoms
Almost 37 million people worldwide currently live with the AIDS virus HIV. Although around two million of them were infected last year, the UN recently announced a turnaround. Among other things, 40 percent fewer HIV deaths were reported. The United Nations has now agreed on an ambitious plan to end the global AIDS epidemic by 2030. The most important preventive measure against HIV infection is to protect yourself during intercourse with condoms. But medication can also help. Among other things, Truvada; the drug was a hot topic at the World AIDS Conference in Durban (South Africa).

Drug for HIV prophylaxis
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended that a drug be approved for HIV prophylaxis. According to the agency, taking Truvada daily could lower the risk of HIV infection. The decision coincided with the conclusion of the week-long World AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa, where thousands of researchers, activists and government officials discussed strategies against the global AIDS epidemic. The drug has been approved in the United States since 2012. Studies have confirmed the effect. A study published in the journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases” showed that not one of the 657 study participants who had been taking the product for at least two years developed AIDS.

German AIDS aid welcomes European recommendation
A decision on approval in the EU is expected in the coming months. According to experts, prophylaxis should cost around 800 euros per month. Deutsche Aids-Hilfe (DAH) welcomed the EMA's decision to recommend Truvada for preventive use (pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP for short) for people at high risk of HIV. “It forms the basis for PrEP becoming available in Germany too. Now it is a matter of clarifying how the PrEP can be financed. We have to make them accessible to the people who need them to protect themselves from HIV. We ask the manufacturer Gilead to contribute to this by reducing the price, ”DAH managing director Silke Klumb said in a message.

"Also available in Germany soon"
According to the DAH, HIV prophylaxis does not replace other protection options, but offers an additional option for people who do not always have protection with condoms. However, it does not protect against other venereal diseases. In Germany, PrEP is currently particularly suitable for gay men with a high risk of HIV. This is also shown by a recent study by scientists from Emory University in Atlanta, USA. In the journal The Journal of Infectious Diseases, they reported that the drug could massively reduce the number of HIV infections in men. “We hope that the PrEP will also be available in Germany soon. It is one more way to prevent HIV infection - we have to use it! ”Says Silke Klumb. (ad)

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