With breadcrumbs or nuts: Mirabelle plums are no longer mushy when baked

With breadcrumbs or nuts: Mirabelle plums are no longer mushy when baked

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Mirabelles and reindeer loden can be made into delicious cakes
In August and September it is harvest time for delicious mirabelles and reindeer clods. Both fruits are subspecies of the plum that are eaten fresh or e.g. taste very good as a compote. They are also well suited for cakes. So that it doesn't get mushy, a little trick helps.

Juice quickly makes the cake mushy
When midsummer is slowly coming to an end, mirabelles and renekloden are finally ripe again. The types of fruit belonging to the plums are particularly juicy and are therefore suitable, for example, for a fruit salad. Since they also withstand heat well, the fruits are also often used to compote. A mirabelle cake is also very tasty, but it can quickly become mushy due to the amount of juice.

To avoid this, nuts or breadcrumbs should be sprinkled on the dough when baking. This is indicated by the consumer information service aid. Because this absorbs the moisture and the cake is not too wet.

Ripe fruits give way a little under pressure
The aid recommends that the fruit is best bought at the weekly market, because there is the greatest chance of ripe and local fruit. These should not be damaged, give way easily under pressure and smell pleasant. Mirabelle plums are deep yellow, about the size of a cherry, and have a sweet to sweet and sour taste. Reneclodes are slightly larger, have a sweet and aromatic taste and, depending on the variety, can have a very different color from greenish-yellow to reddish-blue.

High content of vitamins and minerals
As the aid informs, mirabelles have the highest sugar content among European plums. Reneclodes, on the other hand, score high on fiber. Both are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C and various B vitamins, among other things, reneclodes also contain significantly more iron than other types of plums. (No)

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