Cancer Therapy Prosecutor investigates alternative practitioners for negligent homicide

Cancer Therapy Prosecutor investigates alternative practitioners for negligent homicide

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Alternative cancer clinic: Investigation against alternative practitioners for negligent killing
Three patients died after staying in an alternative cancer clinic on the Lower Rhine. Although there is no evidence that the alternative practitioner who worked in the facility intentionally caused the death of the patients, the public prosecutor is now investigating the practice owner for negligent killing.

Negligent homicide investigation
Only a few days ago, the deaths of several patients after questionable alternative medical cancer therapy had been reported. The deaths occurred after treatment in the "Klaus Ross Clinic" (Biological Cancer Center Bracht) in Brüggen-Bracht on the Lower Rhine. Now the public prosecutor's office is investigating the alternative practitioner for negligent homicide and assault.

Patients treated with 3-bromopyruvate
According to a report by the dpa news agency, the previous investigations had confirmed that the alternative practitioner had treated five patients with "3-bromopyruvate" in his practice in Brüggen on the Lower Rhine between July 25 and 27. According to the Cancer Information Service in Heidelberg, this preparation has been investigated in “experimental basic studies” for several years, the AFP news agency reported.

Alternative practitioners were allowed to use the substance
The substance, which is not approved as a drug, is said to starve tumors. According to the public prosecutor, the naturopath was basically entitled to use the substance. In a message, it says: "The previous investigations do not provide sufficient factual evidence that the accused intentionally caused the death of patients or damage to health."

Three patients died
The investigation was triggered by the death of a 43-year-old woman from the Netherlands. The woman died in a hospital in Mönchengladbach on July 30 after being treated in the facility on July 25. She had complained of a headache before her death, was confused at times and finally no longer available.

The police announced a short time later that a 55-year-old Belgian woman had died on July 28 and a day later a 55-year-old from the Netherlands. Both had been treated at the alternative center on July 27. According to the public prosecutor's office, two other patients had sought medical treatment for life-threatening complaints.

Evidence from witnesses is evaluated
It has not yet been clarified whether the death of the patients is directly related to taking 3-bromopyruvate or whether they died as a result of their illness. In practice, it is said that mostly Dutch citizens were treated. After the deaths became known, the police asked people who were being treated at the cancer center to go for "specialist treatment" and report to the authorities.

According to the information, references to witnesses and evidence that were found when the accused alternative practitioner was searched through the living and practice rooms are now being evaluated. This should also provide information about whether further treatment cases need to be included in the investigation.

Cancer center regretted patient's death
The cancer center itself published a statement after the first death, in which the patient's death was regretted, but also the fact that "alternative medicine, and especially our clinic, could be held responsible for the death of one of our patients".

Information about alternative healing methods
Health experts repeatedly point out that biological cancer therapy is by no means a therapy that can be seen as an “alternative”. Any additional therapy must be done in consultation with the treating doctor. Information on alternative healing methods for cancer can be found on the online platform of the complementary medicine in oncology competence network (KOKON). The project is funded by the German Cancer Aid. (ad)

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