Insatiable hunger for iron: doctors get 40 knives from a man's stomach

Insatiable hunger for iron: doctors get 40 knives from a man's stomach

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Doctors remove 40 knives from an Indian's stomach
According to media reports, doctors in India removed 40 knives from a man's stomach. The 42-year-old had swallowed the parts because he said he felt an incredible desire for metal. The doctors advised him to take other dishes to satisfy his appetite for iron.

40 knives swallowed
Swallowed small parts can lead to severe damage in the gastrointestinal tract. In such cases, health experts always advise you to see a doctor. This applies all the more if the swallowed foreign bodies are pointed or sharp objects. Apparently, not everyone follows this advice immediately. According to media reports, doctors in India removed 40 knives from a man's stomach, which he gradually swallowed.

Closed and opened knives in the belly
The 42-year-old Surjeet Singh had swallowed a total of forty knives over a period of two months. Then, according to a report by the news agency ANI News, he came to a clinic in Amritsar, Punjab in northern India with abdominal pain and anorexia, where, in a five-hour operation, both open and closed knives were removed from his stomach.

The patient was in mortal danger
"It was also scary for us experienced surgeons," said Dr. Jatinder Malhotra opposite “CNN”. "We were all extremely nervous. A small mistake could have cost the patient's life. I have never seen anything like this in my 20 years of work. ”According to the information, it took two days from diagnosis to the surgical plan. The intervention finally took place last Friday. Now the patient is doing much better, he is "out of danger" according to the doctor.

Addicted to the taste of metal
But how did the man come up with the idea of ​​swallowing the knives? The father of two told “CNN”: “I don't know why I swallowed the knives,” said the 42-year-old. "I just enjoyed the taste and was addicted to it." He told the doctors that he had "developed a taste for metal" and loved how the blades taste. According to Dr. Malhotra had kept the patient's habit from the family secret.

Doctors recommend spinach
Now the man didn't want to touch blades anymore. "I never want to do this again," said Singh. "I'm a new person now." He is sorry that he neglected his family. "I am so grateful that the doctors saved my life."

The doctor assumes that the 42-year-old has a mental disorder. The patient is currently being monitored by psychiatrists from the clinic. Nevertheless, the doctors have given Singh some advice on the way: "We told him that he should try spinach when he feels he needs iron again".

Iron bars in the body for months
It is always amazing how bad injuries or foreign bodies can survive in the body. In 2014, a shaman in Nepal was reported to be swallowing four 12 to 15 centimeter long iron bars that remained in the 47-year-old's body for two months before being removed by doctors. According to the information, the man had only complained of stomach pain, fever and attacks of vomiting. (ad)

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