Every sip of sugary drinks damages your teeth

Every sip of sugary drinks damages your teeth

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Energy drinks and the like: Sugar-containing foods saturate your teeth
Sugary lemonades and energy drinks are extremely popular, especially among young people. However, the sweet drinks are harmful to health. Frequent consumption can lead to problems such as obesity and high blood pressure. The teeth are also at risk.

High sugar consumption is harmful to health
Health experts repeatedly warn of excessive sugar consumption. Frequent consumption of the sweetener can lead to health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes. Sugar is often consumed in large quantities via sweet soft drinks. And there are plenty of them:

Only a few days ago the worst liquid thickeners were reported. A test by the consumer organization Foodwatch showed that more than every second soft drink in Germany contains a lot of sugar.

Acids attack the enamel
Consuming sugary drinks such as lemonade, energy drinks or even juice spritzers damage your teeth - especially if they are sipped over a long period of time. In the mouth, the sugar it contains is broken down by bacteria, which creates acids that attack the enamel and cause tooth decay. The risk of tooth decay increases the longer the acids act on the teeth.

Sip drinking is particularly harmful
Professor Dr. Thomas Attin, managing director of the Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Göttingen, said in an interview with the proDente initiative: "What is bad for the teeth is what the Americans call" sipping ", that is, sip-drinking acidic drinks over the spread all day. Because then there is always a drop in pH, regeneration through saliva is hardly possible. "

Rinse with water
Dirk Kropp from the proDente initiative advises in a recent news release from the dpa news agency: "If at all, you should drink a glass at once." If the teeth are not constantly washed around with the sugar-containing drink, it is less harmful. It can therefore also be helpful to rinse with a little water after drinking soda, energy drink and the like.

Wait half an hour brushing your teeth
According to Kropp, brushing your teeth immediately after consuming sugary drinks is not a good idea. In addition to the sugar, there are usually also acids that attack the enamel.

proDente recommends on their website: "Never brush your teeth immediately after acidic drinks and food, but wait at least half an hour. The tooth enamel that has softened can then regenerate itself again. ”(Ad)

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