Attention metal wire found: recall campaign for HiPP children's breakfast rings

Attention metal wire found: recall campaign for HiPP children's breakfast rings

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Recall due to metal wire in children's breakfast rings
The manufacturer HiPP has launched a recall campaign for its “Children's Breakfast Rings” after a piece of metal wire was found in the product. In order to avoid any risk, consumption is not recommended. A return is possible against reimbursement of the purchase price in the sales outlets. According to the manufacturer, other products are not affected.

The baby food manufacturer HiPP is recalling the “Children's Breakfast Rings, 140 g (Art. 3536)” because of the metal wire pieces it may contain. The product is intended for children from the 15th month. In the interests of preventive consumer protection, HiPP has already arranged for the return from the trade and the product concerned can be returned to the point of sale, according to the manufacturer. The costs will be reimbursed upon return.

According to the baby food manufacturer, the recall campaign affects all "Children's Breakfast Rings, 140 g (Art. 3536)" with a best before date from January 5, 2017 to April 19, 2017. "To rule out any risk for our customers, the company demands on not using the products, ”said HiPP. The best before date can be found on the top of the pack. The recall does not affect other HiPP products. (fp)

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