Evolution: Men with beer belly are more popular with some women

Evolution: Men with beer belly are more popular with some women

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"Fat people have it terribly difficult with women, because fat people are not popular," sang Marius Müller Westernhagen. A new study is to prove the opposite. The American anthropologist Richard Bribiescas suspects that women unconsciously regard belly fat men as better fathers.

Slimming craze
Eating disorders such as bulemia and anorexia explode. Not only women, but more and more men suffer from these diseases.

Psychological manipulation: brainwashing
Washboard belly and modeled biceps praised neoliberal propaganda as the ideal of the urban lone warriors who, in the capitalist war, struck everyone against every rival.

Bacon ensures survival
Human evolution opposes this barbaric ideology. A soft layer of fat and no lean muscle mass provided the vital reserve in times of hunger, warmed in ice and snow and protected against infections.

The “Dad Bob”
In 2015, a student wrote about “Dad Bob”, the papa's body as a hallmark of attractive men. Accordingly, a male body should be healthy and fit, but precisely because of this it should also have a soft layer of fat.

New fashion?
In the United States, the country of botox zombies ruined by cosmetic surgery and a high society defined by exorbitantly expensive starvation diets, the "Dad Bob" hit like a bomb. The discussion was controversial, but many seemed relieved to finally say publicly that they like fat men's bellies.

Evolutionary advantage
Richard Bribiescas wrote a book “How Men Age: What Evolution Reveals About Male Health and Mortality”. According to this, middle-aged men enjoy a clear biological advantage if they carry a few pounds of streaky bacon: they are less susceptible to infections.

The testosterone drops
According to Bribiescas, testosterone levels drop in the 1930s. It is therefore normal for men to grow a tummy from this age.

Are older fathers the better fathers?
The drop in testosterone also has another effect, which may have evolutionary reasons: The older fatties care more about their survival and no longer plunge blindly into every adventure like the “young savages” in the twenty-somethings.

The anthropologist Bribiescas suspects that middle-aged men develop a hormonal milieu that shapes their role as father.

Are women looking for fat fathers?
The metabolism changes in middle-aged men who grow a fat layer. Bribiesca's hypothesis is simplified: you become more comfortable, but responsible.

In evolution, male curves would have been a signal to find a man who cares for the children and does not let them sit.

Slim sperm spreaders?
However, a Cambridge University study found that women love long-distance runners. These athletes have an increased sex drive and a higher sperm density.

Hunters, gatherers and runners?
Danny Longman, who worked on the study, also sees the appeal of long-distance runners as an evolutionary factor. In our times as hunter-gatherers (after all, around 90% of the time of Homo Sapiens on the planet), long-distance running would have been a sign of a good reproductive partner.

Fat fathers versus sex marathon
Who is right now? The anthropologist who thinks fat men are more attractive and better fathers, or the Cambridge scientists who think that marathon runners are two-legged sex for swarms of women?

One does not rule out the other: Anyone who is suitable as a reproductive partner is far from being a good father, and both were necessary in human biosocial evolution: a potent fertilizer and a caring father who survived in times of hunger.

The ideal would therefore be a persistent athlete who carries a small cotton wool around with him. Even a “Dad Bob” does not mean extreme excess weight. So Bribiesca's hypothesis does not exempt Couch Potatoes from going to the gym occasionally (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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