Risk factor high blood pressure is underestimated far too often

Risk factor high blood pressure is underestimated far too often

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Experts in heart diseases clarify risks and treatment options
From the 1st under the motto "Heart under stress" heart specialists nationwide inform in free seminars and lectures about diagnosis, therapy and risk prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Due to the growing importance, psychological stress as a risk factor is also addressed.

Heart weeks take place until November 30th
Since November 1, numerous events have been taking place throughout the whole of Germany as part of the 2016 Heart Weeks. As reported by the German Heart Foundation, cardiac specialists use the title “Heart under Stress” in clinics and cardiac centers to provide information about the most important pre-existing risk for cardiovascular diseases and how they develop. These include, above all, myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation).

Mental stress can increase the risk of illness
Due to the growing importance as a risk factor, negative stress is also discussed. Because not only physical risks, but also psychological stress e.g. professional problems or life crises can damage the heart.

"In order for our heart to pump 7,000 liters of blood through our vascular system every day to supply organs and muscles with oxygen and nutrients, we have to protect the heart and vessels from the vascular-damaging effects of high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol levels and stress," said the heart specialist and CEO of the German Heart Foundation, Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Meinertz, according to the announcement.

4 million people are unaware of their high blood pressure
According to the foundation, an estimated 20 million adults in Germany are affected by high blood pressure (hypertension) - a fifth of them, however, know nothing about the disease. It is particularly dangerous that the hypertension is often not noticed for a long time and is therefore only recognized when the organs have already been damaged.

Great danger to the heart and vessels
Diabetes mellitus and an elevated cholesterol level are further ailments that are often underestimated and are often diagnosed very late due to a lack of symptoms. But the heart foundation warns that the diseases known as “silent killers” can have fatal consequences. Undetected and untreated, they pose a risk to the heart and vascular system and can lead to a heart attack, stroke or sudden cardiac death in an emergency.

“This freedom from complaints leads to taking the illnesses lightly and neglecting therapy. Even when patients are being treated, they are often under-treated because the medication is not well adjusted, ”reports Prof. Meinertz.

Everyone should be aware of personal risk factors
If the diagnosis is made early, however, the diseases can be treated well with medication and a change in lifestyle. For example, high blood pressure can often be positively influenced by normalizing body weight, regular endurance exercise and a healthy, low-salt diet.

In order to be able to lower your own risk of cardiovascular diseases early on by changing your lifestyle, it is important that everyone knows about their personal risk factors, the foundation emphasizes. (No)

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