New trend food pegane diet: no longer consume oils and legumes

New trend food pegane diet: no longer consume oils and legumes

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No oils and legumes in the Pegan diet
A new nutritional trend is currently taking shape: Pegan, a combination of paleo and vegan. This diet is particularly suitable for flexitarians, because meat is allowed here. The focus is on natural, untreated foods. However, oils and legumes should be avoided.

More people pay attention to healthy eating
More and more people are paying attention to a balanced, healthy diet. Many follow special nutritional programs or at least follow them. Abandoning meat and animal products is particularly widespread. Around one million people in Germany live vegan. In the past few months, the so-called Paleo diet has also found more followers. The basic idea is to eat what prehistoric people had eaten in the Stone Age. This form of nutrition is therefore also called the "Stone Age diet" or "Stone Age nutrition". Now there is a mixture of both: the pegane diet.

Unprocessed and fresh ingredients
Like so many nutritional trends, "Pegan" comes from the United States. This diet completely relies on unprocessed and fresh ingredients. As it says in the current issue of "Vebumagazin" (01/2017), the combination of paleo and vegan food primarily puts nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds on the plate. However, animal products do not have to be banned entirely.

Nutritious and healthy
According to the information, an advantage of the vegan diet is that the diet is often nutritious and healthy. However, there are also some critical rules, such as that finished wholegrain products, many vegetable oils and healthy legumes are prohibited.

For this reason, the authors recommend - and also with regard to enjoyment - a middle course. So it is better to treat yourself to a vegan chocolate bar, a schnitzel or a glass of red wine. (ad)

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