If infants have a fever, medication is not absolutely necessary

If infants have a fever, medication is not absolutely necessary

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What to do if children have a fever? Medications are not always necessary
Children often get a fever quickly and suddenly. Parents are usually worried about the rapidly rising temperatures. The quick access to tablets is often wrong. Because fever is a sensible defense reaction of the body and therefore does not always have to be treated with medication.

Children often get a fever
Children usually get a fever much more often than adults, but in most cases the high body temperature is not a cause for great concern. Christoph Gulde, Vice President of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Pharmacist Association (LAV) explains in a press release that fever is always a sign and symptom that the body deals with pathogens.

Defense reaction of the body
“So fever is not a disease, but a defense reaction of the body. Children are more likely to fever because their organism has not yet dealt with so many pathogens, ”said the expert.

“Around half of the fever diseases are due to viruses and not bacteria. Children can react with a fever to gastrointestinal infections as well as to bronchitis. ”

The best way to measure temperature in the buttocks
If a child has a fever, parents often wonder when it should be taken to the doctor. If the offspring is under three months old, according to experts, parents should always seek medical advice with them at a body temperature above 38 degrees.

It should be noted that the temperature in babies' buttocks should be measured, since deviations are more likely at other parts of the body. Newer clinical thermometers also come to reliable values ​​through measurements in the inner ear.

Basically, children speak rectally from a body temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius - in the ear or mouth from 38.5 degrees Celsius.

Natural aids
According to Gulde, it is important that the child drink enough liquid in the form of cool drinks. If the temperature does not rise too high, home remedies for fever can often help in older children.

Cooling calf wraps are a tried and tested home remedy to make fever tips more bearable.

However, these must not be used if the fever is accompanied by chills. Then the offspring should be provided with hot water bottles or blankets.

Medicinal treatment is not always necessary
Gulde points out that there are also child-friendly medicines in the pharmacies, "which help well as juice or suppositories", but it should generally be considered whether and when you can lower the fever with medication.

If a child is prone to febrile seizures, it is advisable, just as if he is very exhausted by high fever that lasts for days or cannot or does not want to drink enough fluids. In such cases, a visit to the doctor is also strongly recommended. (ad)

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