Hard pregnancy belly: when is there a medical reason to worry?

Hard pregnancy belly: when is there a medical reason to worry?

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A hard stomach during pregnancy is not always a concern
Especially women who are pregnant for the first time can often assess changes in their bodies poorly. Is a hard stomach or pain a cause for concern? There is important information about this in the magazine "Eltern".

Hard stomach, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy
If the belly gets hard during pregnancy, women shouldn't be too worried. This is a bit normal, as the magazine "Eltern" reported in its current issue (1/2017). The magazine writes on its website: "Especially in the last third of pregnancy, your stomach may get unusually hard from time to time."

Contractions of the uterus
According to the experts, the reason for this is exercise contractions (Braxton-Hicks contractions). "You prepare the uterus for the birth of your baby," says the website.

“Just like real labor pains, these are contractions of the uterus that go hand in hand with hardening of the abdomen. They come at irregular intervals and usually fade away quickly. "

When the abdomen is painful
It also sometimes feels as if your stomach grows as it grows. The magazine notes that expectant mothers should be vigilant if the abdomen is painful.

The belly should become soft again when women lie down. However, if this is not the case, it is better to go to the midwife or doctor. (ad)

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