Bloated Belly Syndrome: The best remedies for stomach pinching and feeling of fullness

Bloated Belly Syndrome: The best remedies for stomach pinching and feeling of fullness

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This helps against gluttony on the festival days
Cookies, roasts, punch and mulled wine: Christmas is usually feasted more than usual. This not only provides additional hip gold, but also sometimes leads to physical complaints. Gastric pressure and feeling of fullness are typical consequences of the treats on the holidays. But you can do something about it.

Feast on Christmas days
There is usually a lot of lavish food on Christmas days. In addition, the movement is often neglected. These circumstances mean that the food is often heavy in the stomach and leads to painful feelings of tension in the abdominal area, heartburn, nausea, flatulence and cramping abdominal pain. Some tips can help you get through the holidays without feeling too full.

Exercise in the fresh air
One of the best ways to strengthen digestion more naturally is through walks. A short walk after eating can help to prevent symptoms such as bloating or flatulence.

Exercising in the fresh air not only gets the circulation going, it also stimulates blood flow to the intestine, making the meal easier to digest.

Health experts advise against cigarettes or schnapps as digestive aids.

Soothing abdominal massage
One way to soothe a bloated belly is by doing soothing abdominal massages that help stimulate digestion.

It is best to perform the massage calmly and evenly - without putting great pressure on the abdominal wall. Oils with lavender or caraway can be used for the massage.

In addition, heat therapy with a warm pillow or a hot water bottle can relax the muscles and have a beneficial effect.

Teas and herbs for indigestion
Various medicinal teas with fennel, caraway, lemon balm, chamomile or peppermint are also available as home remedies for bloated feelings. These have a calming and relaxing effect on the digestive tract.

Medications are available for the various digestive disorders, but in most cases simple home remedies can also help. Spices such as caraway seeds, fennel and ginger are well-tried home remedies for stomach pain and flatulence.

Observe eating habits
In order to avoid digestive problems as far as possible, various eating habits should be observed. It is generally a good idea to take your time to eat. Because when eaten quickly, too much air is swallowed and flatulence develops.

People who are very vulnerable should avoid bloating foods such as raw foods, beans or cabbages.

Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks also brings additional gases into the digestive tract and can lead to discomfort. Heartburn is triggered, among other things, by eating too spicy, too fatty or too rich.

Get rid of excess pounds
Anyone who has consumed excess calories during the Christmas season and therefore weighs more kilos should try after the holidays without losing a yo-yo effect.

Health experts particularly recommend regular exercise and a reduction in daily calorie intake. Most people find it difficult to follow a zero diet. It is advisable to rely on light food. The motto here is to eat less fat, more protein, enough vegetables and less sugar. Vegetarian food is particularly recommended. (Ad)

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