Drug consumption: Every tenth German takes at least one headache tablet every day

Drug consumption: Every tenth German takes at least one headache tablet every day

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Reduce headaches: New app helps patients with migraines
According to a report by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), every tenth person in Germany swallows a headache pill every day. Every twentieth person suffers from a headache every day. A new app is now to help patients get a better grip on their symptoms.

Cedar Twentieth suffers from headache every day
The health insurance company Barmer recently reported that more and more young adults suffer from headaches. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) also writes in a recent message that such complaints are widespread in Germany: "Every tenth person in Germany takes one headache pill every day and every twentieth suffers from headache every day." With a new one, from the Kiel Pain Clinic developed app to help patients manage their pain better.

Number one disease
According to TK, headache is the number one disease among the workforce. A total of around 50 million people in Germany are affected.

The use of a headache pill has become a habit for many sufferers. But if used incorrectly and frequently, painkillers can cause permanent headaches.

With a new app developed by the Kiel Pain Clinic, patients now have a tool at their fingertips with which their complaints can be better managed.

Identify causes better
Pain calendar, progressive muscle relaxation, best time to take medication: the migraine app shows the patient where he is at the moment.

In addition, all information such as the last pain attack can be entered easily and easily read out as a headache logbook for talking to the pain therapist - whether on the smartwatch or smartphone.

Christian Bredl, head of the TK Landesvertretung Bayern, explained in a message: “With the help of the pain diary, the treating doctor can better identify the causes of the headache and use medication in a more targeted manner. In this way, excessive tablet consumption can be minimized. "

Initial evaluations show that with the help of the app, one in four users is less unable to work.

Alleviate symptoms with natural means
For minor complaints, simple tricks for headaches are often more effective than medication.

For example, a few drops of lemon balm spirit are applied to a piece of sugar and taken as a household remedy for headaches that is known to many people. Another is coffee with lemon. Drink a cup of espresso with half a lemon juice but no sweetener.

Relaxation exercises to reduce stress and a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, little alcohol and no cigarettes can often help. (ad)

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