A mother wants to give birth to a child without a brain - for organ donation

A mother wants to give birth to a child without a brain - for organ donation

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Baby without a brain: mother wants to deliver a consecrated child
A pregnant American knows that her baby has no brain, but still wants to carry it. To help other children. The mother wants to give birth to her consecrated daughter in order to donate her organs.

Woman wants to deliver child without a brain
Keri Young from Oklahoma City was in her 19th week of pregnancy when the doctors informed her after an ultrasound that something was wrong with her unborn baby. She learned that her daughter was diagnosed with anencephaly and therefore has no brain. The child's life expectancy after birth is only a few hours. Nevertheless, the American decided not to have her baby aborted. She wants to give birth to her child to help others.

Donate organs to other babies in need
According to a CNN report, Keri Young made an unbelievably unselfish decision when she found that her unborn child had no brain. She decided to carry her daughter, whom she calls Eva, to donate the organs to other babies in need.

Her husband Royce Young told CNN: "It would simply be irresponsible to take the gifts Eva has and not to share them with others."

After his wife received the sad news, she burst into tears and was shaken by violent crying spells. But then she looked up and asked: "If I carry the child, can we donate his organs?"

Eva will have a very short life
As the father-to-be explained in a Facebook post, Keri feels "every little kick, every hiccup and every role, she remembers every moment every day that she carries a baby who will die."

The couple came to the realization that "Eva is alive and our daughter deserves to meet her mom and dad".

The baby is supposed to be born on May 7th. Keri Young wrote on her Facebook page: “Eva will have her life, although it will be short. She will donate everything she can and will do more in her time on earth than I can ever do. ”

When the couple found out about the condition of the daughter
Her husband Royce, who works as a writer, recalls in his post what it was like when the couple were briefed on their daughter's condition. He reports that the doctors initially did not really believe that Keri was serious.

He also wrote that he could not agree with many people's statement that they did not want to change anything.

“I would definitely change that if I could. I want everything to be fine with my daughter. I want her to blow out the candles on her first birthday. I want to see how she hits her head on the coffee table when she learns to walk. ”And so much more. "But I can not. That is our reality. "

He writes about his wife: "I am touched that I am not only married to my best friend, but to a really remarkable, special person."

"She is strong. She is brave. She is unbelievable. It is remarkable. "

Organ donation can save lives
According to a report in the New York Post, the couple were told that their daughter's organ donation could help up to 50 people.

Countless people worldwide have to die because there are no donor organs available for them. Also in Germany: In this country, one patient dies every eight hours.

Although the number of donor organs removed temporarily rose slightly, the numbers in Germany are falling again. (ad)

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