Headache: Migraine sufferers should consume carbohydrates regularly

Headache: Migraine sufferers should consume carbohydrates regularly

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Common headache: People with migraines need carbohydrates
Eating low carbohydrates is a particularly popular method to help you lose weight, but it is not recommended for people with migraines. Quite the contrary: According to doctors, migraine sufferers should consume carbohydrates regularly to reduce their symptoms.

Every tenth German affected
Almost every tenth German suffers from migraines. Those affected can literally be put out of action by the disease. Throbbing, pounding and one-sided headaches are typical. Other complaints such as nausea and vomiting, dizziness and loss of appetite are often added. In addition, many of those affected are sensitive to noise and light. The complaints are often treated with medication. But sometimes natural methods can help. Nutrition plays an important role here.

Migraine sufferers regularly need carbohydrates
The President of the German Society for Pain Medicine, Dr. Gerhard Müller-Schwefe, in a message from the dpa news agency, that patients with frequent headaches have to consume carbohydrates regularly.

People suffering from migraines should therefore avoid a low-carbohydrate diet. “Migraine patients have a brain that processes information very intensively and very quickly. As a result, it has a higher energy requirement, ”said the doctor.

Pain patients can improve their general well-being through a high-fiber diet. Vegetables and fruits are particularly rich in fiber. However, it should not be pureed, but fresh. “The fibers brush the gut. And when the intestine works well and empties regularly, we feel better overall, ”explained Müller-Schwefe.

Reduce complaints naturally
There are various factors (triggers) that can trigger migraines. It is known that sudden stress, hormonal changes, pronounced emotions or overexertion and exhaustion can lead to the symptoms.

"It turns out that the common denominator of all trigger factors is a sudden change in the normal rhythm of life," says the website of the Pain Clinic Kiel. And further: "Which factors, by what mechanisms and circumstances bring about this change seems to be of less importance."

Experts advise sufferers not to take medication too quickly. Because migraine painkillers taken in the long term lead to more attacks. Such drugs should be taken a maximum of ten days a month.

Many patients can also manage their symptoms with home remedies for migraines. These include a regular daily schedule, enough sleep, sufficient exercise, relaxation exercises and a balanced diet. (ad)

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