New study: trust in the doctor reduces pain in the patient

Study shows: Less pain at the doctor you trust
Researchers have good news for people who are reluctant to go to the doctor for physical complaints: Their investigation shows that patients experience less pain with doctors they trust.

Many shy away from visiting a doctor
A visit to the doctor can usually provide information about whether there is a serious illness behind acute symptoms that needs to be treated. Nevertheless, some people shy away from going to the doctor. Many men are often very afraid of the doctor because they are afraid of the diagnosis, as an investigation from the United States showed. It might help if you find a doctor you trust.

Factors that affect pain
Not only the wound or illness itself affects how much pain is felt, but also whether you trust the treating doctor. This is what US scientists from the Universities of Miami and Colorado have found out.

According to their own statements, the experts wanted to check whether it is true that patients who share basic beliefs and values ​​with their treating physician experience less pain than patients who do not.

The perception of the doctor-patient relationship and trust were also included in the study to see whether “these interpersonal factors influenced pain”, the researchers report in the journal “Journal of Pain”.

Reduce pain in medical care
The test subjects first had to provide information about their personal beliefs and values ​​on a questionnaire. Based on these answers, they were then divided into two groups.

This was followed by various tests in which the subjects were given slight pain.

The scientists found that the pain was felt to be weaker when the patient trusted the doctor.

The researchers do not have a clear explanation for the phenomenon. However, they suspect that trust works like a social placebo effect: the expectation that the other person can help you will release pain-relieving hormones.

If "confidence in health care is increased, it could help reduce pain in medical care," the experts write. (ad)

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