Germ colonization: Never eat strawberries with dark pressure marks

Germ colonization: Never eat strawberries with dark pressure marks

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It is better not to eat strawberries with dark, soft pressure marks
Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits of the Germans. The delicious fruit has been in season in this country for a few weeks now. If you notice that there are dark, soft pressure marks on purchased goods, you should no longer eat the strawberries. You could be infected by pathogens.

Do not eat strawberries with dark pressure marks
For many Germans, strawberries are the summer fruit par excellence. The fruits are now available in every season of the year, but the goods from the local cultivation taste best. The strawberry season only started a few weeks ago. Experts advise storing the fruit for a maximum of two days. However, caution is advised when strawberries have dark pressure columns. It is then advisable not to consume it.

Possibly infested with pathogenic microorganisms
Ailing can easily start to rot or become moldy - and "infect" other foods in the process.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to cut off pressure points immediately after shopping and cover the interface with foil and eat the fruit or vegetables soon, the initiative "Too Good for Tons" advises.

However, strawberries with dark, soft spots should no longer be consumed. Because they could be infected by pathogenic microorganisms.

“Protection from pressure points is provided by a flat box in which the strawberries can lie side by side. In this way, they stay in the vegetable compartment for up to two days, ”write the experts.

What you cannot eat in time can be mashed with jellied sugar to a cold-stirred jam that should be consumed quickly. It stays in the fridge for about 14 days.

Full of healthy ingredients
Strawberries are full of healthy ingredients. An adult's daily vitamin C requirements can be covered with just 120 grams of fruit.

They also contain a lot of folic acid and numerous minerals such as potassium and magnesium that strengthen the heart. Even if you pay attention to the slim line, you can eat strawberries carefree. They contain just 32 calories per 100 grams.

But there is obviously much more health potential in the fruit. For example, scientists from Italy found evidence that an extract from strawberries could protect against breast cancer tumors. (ad)

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