Natural cancer prevention: Tomato extract effective against the growth of gastric cancer tumors

Natural cancer prevention: Tomato extract effective against the growth of gastric cancer tumors

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Doctors are studying the health effects of eating tomatoes
In the fight against cancer, scientists are also looking for substances in nature that can be used in cancer therapy. Researchers have now found that the extract from certain varieties of tomatoes can inhibit the growth of stomach cancer.

The researchers at the Oncology Research Center of Mercogliano found that tomato extracts from two different southern Italian varieties can be used to treat stomach cancer. The researchers published the results of their study in the journal "Journal of Cellular Physiology".

Certain types of tomatoes inhibit the growth of gastric cancer
The extract of two southern Italian tomato varieties can inhibit the growth of gastric cancer and its malignant degeneration. These tomatoes can not only improve prevention, but the fruit can also be used to support conventional therapies, the experts say.

Antitumor effects are not only related to lycopene
The antitumor effect found does not appear to be linked to specific components such as lycopene, the researchers say. The tomatoes should rather be viewed in their entirety, explains author Daniela Barone from the Oncology Research Center of Mercogliano.

The San Marzano and Corbarino varieties inhibit cancer growth
The experiments analyzed lipophilic extracts from whole tomatoes for their ability to fight various neoplastic features of gastric cancer cell lines. The current study found that tomatoes from the San Marzano and Corbarino varieties inhibit the growth and so-called cloning behavior of malignant cells, the scientists say.

The tomato extract affects key processes within the cells
Treatment with whole tomato extracts affected key processes within the cells. This hindered their so-called migration ability to stop the cell cycle by modulating retinoblastoma proteins and specific cell cycle inhibitors, the researchers explain. Ultimately, this process induces the death of cancer cells through apoptosis.

Specific nutrients can support therapies
Our results provide a further assessment of the potential use of specific nutrients, the authors say. This applies not only to cancer screening, specific nutrients can also be used as a supportive strategy with conventional therapies, the experts add.

What favors the development of stomach cancer
Stomach cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer worldwide and is linked to genetic causes such as Helicobacter pylori infection and certain eating habits such as the consumption of smoked and salted foods.

So far, only a few studies have examined the effects of whole tomato consumption
Tomatoes are consumed worldwide and they are a staple of the Mediterranean diet. This form of nutrition is said to reduce the risk of cancer, the doctors explain. The current study analyzed various tomato components for their ability to counteract tumor growth in experimental systems. So far, there have been few studies that have analyzed the effects of tomatoes in their entirety, the authors explain. (as)

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