Reduce high blood pressure: Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, according to the study

Reduce high blood pressure: Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, according to the study

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Dark chocolate slightly lowers blood pressure
Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure in hypertension, a study by Australian scientists from the University of Adelaide found in a study. The consumption produces the same effect as half an hour of movement. However, the consumption cannot replace exercise or blood pressure medication, as the scientists emphasize. However, the dark chocolate is not used as a precaution.

Dark chocolate is not suitable for prevention
Scientists from the Australian University of Adelaide published their study results in the science magazine “BMC Medicine”. The analysis compared the results of study participants suffering from high blood pressure. A comparison group that was not affected also participated in the study. During the course of the study, dark chocolate was found to lower blood pressure, but only in patients who also had high blood pressure. This positive effect could not be demonstrated in the comparison group without disease. Therefore, according to the researchers, “dark chocolate is not suitable for prevention”.

Flavonoids trigger an effect
It is not chocolate as such that lowers blood pressure, but plant substances like flavonoids that are contained in the cocoa plant. These dilate the blood vessels, which in turn lowers blood pressure. The scientists also compared and analyzed 13 chocolate studies. In patients with high blood pressure, regular consumption reduced the systolic blood pressure by 5 mmHG.

However, it is questionable for the researchers whether chocolate can be used for long-term therapy because the high sugar content leads to obesity. Obesity is another risk factor for high blood pressure. (sb)

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