Health: This is how the baby belly button is properly cared for

Health: This is how the baby belly button is properly cared for

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How to properly care for the baby's belly button
When parents wrap their newborn, they should always take a look at the belly button. Redness or swelling may indicate inflammation of the navel. Such an infection should be treated as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the book navel when wrapping
Especially couples who have become parents for the first time concentrate fully on the baby in the first few weeks. When it comes to baby care, a few things should be considered. For example, the little one often has to deal with a wonderful bottom that must be properly cleaned when changing diapers. If the offspring gets a new diaper, parents should always pay attention to the belly button.

The navel must stay dry
If a child begins to breathe after birth, the umbilical cord can be cut. This usually happens within the first minute of life, reports the magazine "Baby and Family" on their website.

It then takes about five to ten days for the newborn's umbilical cord remnants to fall off. During this time, parents must make sure that the navel remains dry.

To achieve this, a lot of air should come to this point. As it says in the current issue (06/2017) of "Baby and Family", parents should therefore turn up the diaper at the top so that the navel is exposed.

In case of redness or unpleasant smell, see a doctor
Inflammation on the belly button is very rare, but if redness forms around the middle of the abdomen, the pediatrician should still take a look.

This also applies if the navel smears, smells unpleasant, swells or even bleeds. If there is an infection, the doctor can prescribe antibiotic ointments or drops.

If you have an inflammation of the belly button, the baby may need to be treated in the hospital. (ad)

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