New sugar substitute: sweetener erythritol has almost no calories

New sugar substitute: sweetener erythritol has almost no calories

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No influence on the blood sugar level: sweetener erythritol has hardly any calories
Sweet foods and drinks are usually not only unhealthy, they also help you gain weight quickly. The sugar substitute erythritol has almost no calories. However, the sweetener is controversial, not just because it can have a laxative effect when consumed heavily.

Alternatives to white table sugar
Since white table sugar is considered to be particularly unhealthy, more and more people are opting for alternative sweeteners that are said to be healthier than sugar. One of them is the sugar substitute erythritol. This substance was also approved for organic food by the EU last year. Although it has a lower calorie count than xylitol or stevia, for example, it is still controversial.

No more natural than other sugar substitutes
The approval of erythritol caused rejection in the organic industry. “Erythritol doesn't match organic. The production is not compatible with ecological principles, ”criticized Karin Wegner from the Federal Association for Natural Food Natural Products (BNN).

It is produced biotechnologically from carbohydrates such as glucose and sucrose. "Mushrooms and yeasts play a role in this, converting the sugar into erythritol," said Heidrun Schubert, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center in a statement.

“The manufacturing process is very complex. Therefore, the sweetener is no more natural than other sugar substitutes, ”said the nutrition expert.

However, it is often advertised with terms such as "naturally sweet" or "vegan sugar substitute" as a natural sweetener.

No influence on the blood sugar level
According to the consumer advice center, the peculiarity of erythritol is that the substance has no effect on blood sugar levels and almost no calories.

Food containing erythritol (labeled as additive E 968) must be labeled "with sweeteners".

If the proportion of erythritol in the food is more than ten percent, the product must be provided with the warning “Can have a laxative effect if consumed excessively”. (ad)

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